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PogoZone Sponsors Ski To Sea Finish Line Third Year In A Row

Ski to Sea is quite possibly the most anticipated event in all of Whatcom County — and surrounding areas too! Ski to Sea is an adventure race held in Whatcom County that consists of teams of eight competing in seven different sports. Ski to Sea, like the name suggests, spans the mountains to the bay…

PogoZone Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. We’ve compiled some of our favorite reviews of PogoZone Internet Solutions. These are actual reviews and have not been edited or solicited. We encourage you to perform your own search and see how our reviews differ from larger, national companies. “This local company gives fantastic service, with…

Local Managed IT Service Company Uses PogoZone High Speed Internet

We sat down with Mike Sullivan, Manager and System Engineer at Bellingham based Tech Help to discuss why they ditched their nationally owned internet service provider for locally owned PogoZone. How long has Tech Help used PogoZone? Since May 2016. What services do you currently use? High speed internet Why were you in the market…

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Local Internet Service Provider

We’ve compiled some of the most important considerations to make when deciding between PogoZone services and those of nationally owned ISPs. You Invest in Local Businesses As a person who is concerned about supporting local retail businesses, you spend your money where you work and live. However, don’t forget that purchasing retail goods is just…

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