Our Thoughts on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is generally a hard topic to discuss these days given how charged folks have become on this issue. Especially given that Net Neutrality from an FCC standpoint has ended. For a more in depth definition of Net Neutrality, click here.

At PogoZone our policy has always been to give our customers the best possible connections we can. We don’t offer high-speed highways, and we don’t filter out traffic to our customers. In the last few years, we have expanded our network reach down to Seattle in order to allow us to connect up to the Seattle Internet Exchange so that we can peer directly with companies like Netflix, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and over 100 others. So for the most part, we do not have to worry what prioritization our upstream providers may or may not implement based upon on how they want to run their network given that Net Neutrality rules no longer apply.

Additionally, we are also in the process of connecting to the Vancouver Internet Exchange to further our reach directly connecting to as many peers as possible, and provide peering redundancy where possible. However, with all that said, we still need to purchase bandwidth from upstream providers to access other networks who may not peer at these sites. While we are very choosy with our upstream providers, we cannot guarantee they will have the same views on Net Neutrality or network prioritization that we do. Ultimately, no matter who we choose, all paths eventually lead through one of the Tier 1 providers on the internet. Our goal has always been to connect to upstream providers that provide our customer base with the best possible routes to the internet, and our contracts require them to give us access to their full routing tables. As long as your internet activities are legal, we will work our hardest to provide you access to the services you care about.

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