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PogoZone was founded in 2002 in Bellingham, Washington, to provide high speed internet access for businesses and homes in the area. Using a combination of fiber optic networks and high speed wireless internet, PogoZone has quickly grown to be one of the premier internet service providers in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Since 2008, we have dramatically expanded our service not only to cover more parts of Whatcom County, but to increase the variety of services we offer. We have added wireless internet towers to major points of both Whatcom and Skagit county, while improving our fiber optic network to serve major cities in both counties. For our business customers, we’ve added in telephone systems, co-location facilities, support for enterprise services, and more.

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PogoZone expansion through the years:

  • 2008 – We added business-centric services, including telephone (VoIP) services and a co-location center. For residential services, we added a tower to north Whatcom County, as well as deployed services to underserved residential areas.
  • 2009 – Our expansion of residential services continued, while we began offering Fax over IP services for our business customers.
  • 2010 – A big year for PogoZone, in 2010 we added a second data center location, providing additional hosting for business customers. This year was also when fiber coverage was deployed to downtown Bellingham as well as Burlington.
  • 2011 – In our push to provide better service in rural areas, we deployed coverage to Sumas & La Conner.
  • 2012 – Fairhaven businesses saw greater potential for their network services as we deployed into their neighborhood.
  • 2013 – We built a major tower in east Whatcom County, adding wireless internet service for residents in that portion of the county.
  • 2014 – Our third data center spun up, creating even more hosting and cloud services potential in our network. For residential customers, we deployed a major tower in Bellingham, adding to our wireless coverage tremendously.
  • 2015 – We’ve added coverage for Custer, residential services in Ferndale, and have added fiber in Fairhaven’s Sycamore Square.
  • 2015 – In addition to what we have, we purchased Open Access in May which expanded our operations significantly in Skagit County and added some multi-tenant buildings in Whatcom County.
  • 2016 – Continue expansion on our wireless internet service coverage by adding four new tower sites. Continued expansion in Whatcom County by adding additional multi-tenant buildings.
  • 2017 – Purchase of Fidalgo Internet related assets in Skagit County. Purchase of Mt. Baker Cable adding coverage to Lummi and Orcas Islands.

We look forward to what the future holds for PogoZone and how we can continue to provide the high caliber service our customers have come to expect.

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