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A streaming TV service connecting you to your favorite shows

pzTV is currently offered in most areas of our network – please contact us if you are interested.



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44 Channels



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94 Channels



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130 Channels

All the features you’ve come to love


Superior picture quality. Gone are the days of grainy pictures and adjusting TV antennas.

Watch Live TV

Watch your regularly scheduled programs during their original airtime.

Pause and Rewind Live TV

You no longer have to wait for a commercial break. Pause and/or rewind live TV shows.


Record all your favorite shows and set recordings from your smartphone.

Parental Controls

You have ultimate control over what channels offered in your package are accessible in your household.

Multiple Device Streaming

Don’t fight over the remote, you can stream pzTV on multiple devices at the same time.

Out of Home

You don’t have to miss your favorite shows. You’ll be able to access recordings and channels even when you’re on the go.


Set up profiles for everyone in your household. pzTV will make recommendations based on your tastes.

Optional Services

  • Concurrent Stream: $5.00/month for 3 additional streams over the included 3 streams
  • DVR Storage: $10/month for 200 more DVR hours (included with all plans is 100 DVR hrs)
  • TV device rental: $9/month (or one-time purchase for $149.95) or a customer can purchase their own device (PogoZone can offer recommendations here)


  • You must be a current PogoZone internet customer
  • pzTV works with most internet-enabled devices
  • If needed, pzTV/PogoZone can assist customers with recommendations on devices that can connect to older TV units.

Additional required monthly fees for the above plans:

  • Rebroadcast fee: $5.22
  • Franchise fees, taxes, and surcharges: ~9% (can be less or more depending on area)

For add-ons and options, check out the channel lineup page.

Check availability


pzTV Support

If you have any questions about pzTV, contact our support team and they will happily assist you and make sure you are getting the most out of your TV service.

  • Product details, product features, channel lineups, pricing, and availability are subject to change.
  • Pause and rewind TV capabilities are enabled/disabled by networks and/or on an individual show basis. pzTV does not control what shows or channels are enabled/disabled.
  • Network DVR recordings may be viewed outside the home on a network and/or individual show basis if content agreement allows for this option. pzTV does not control which recordings are available outside the home.
  • HD capabilities are not provided by pzTV, but are offered by the programming provider. pzTV customers with HDTV sets may not receive all channels in HD. Customers without HDTV sets will not be able to view programs in HD quality.
  • Out-of-home play is not available on all channels and is not determined by pzTV.

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