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PogoZone provides dedicated internet with virtual private lines, internet for branch offices, and many more features.

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We were having internet connection issues at our office and PogoZone was on-site within the hour. Turns out we connected our router improperly. Thank you PogoZone!.

—Business Class customer in Bellingham, WA

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  • Unlimited monthly access
  • Fast Speed
  • Best Value
  • Tailored to your business
  • Dedicated Internet connection
  • Point-to-point private connection
  • Virtual private ethernet connection
  • Locally owned and supported
  • Month to month agreements*
  • No cancellation fee with 30 days notice*


*Month to month agreements PogoZone month-to-month agreements are pre-paid; your payment at the start of the month is for that month. For more service intensive services, including those requiring additional installation or build costs, PogoZone requires extended contracts. PogoZone will notify customers whether an extended contract is required prior to signing up for the service/installation.
*No cancellation fee with 30 days notice We strive to ensure all our customers are fully satisfied with their PogoZone service. If at any point you decide PogoZone isn’t the right fit, please give us 30 days’ notice. Please note, this does not apply to extended contract services.


Dedicated Internet

PogoZone’s scalable network services grow with your business. The last thing you need is to be on hold with customer service while your office’s network connection slows to a crawl. With speeds starting at 5 megabit up to 1 gigabit, we have a dedicated connection available to meet your business’s specific needs.

For higher demand connectivity, PogoZone’s fiber optic network is second to none. Offering speeds up to 10 gigabit, these dedicated lines are perfect for larger offices or any business dealing in large file transfers.


Ethernet Private Line

For multiple locations handling sensitive data, an ethernet private line from PogoZone is the best choice. Whether you’re backing up servers to a secured offsite location, or connecting two offices to transfer client or billing data, our ethernet Private lines provide the secure, fast, and scalable connection to keep your operations running smoothly.


Virtual Ethernet Private Line

If your office or business is distributed over multiple locations, our virtual ethernet private lines will make it feel as fast as if you were down the hall instead of across town. These connections are encrypted within our own network, ensuring that only you and your employees have access to your network resources. And given our robust infrastructure, you’ll find speeds that rival intra-office LANs.


Local Service, Local Support

We’ve been based out of Whatcom county since our inception, so we understand what it’s like to grow a business here. With our in-house staff and team of on-site support technicians, you can be sure that we’ll take care of any issues with your business ethernet services quickly and completely.



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