How to Support Local Businesses During the Pandemic

As we are approaching nearly three months of being asked to stay at home and avoid gathering in public areas, we find ourselves searching for ways to support local businesses in order for them to continue operating.

Many of us have taken initiative by ordering takeout/curbside pick-up from our favorite restaurants and finding out ways to ship products directly to our home from local clothing, jewelry, furniture, and other small businesses.

What else can be done to continue this effort to ensure our favorite local businesses are staying afloat during this difficult time?

Buy gift certificates for use at a later date.

By initiating this transaction you can help businesses continue to serve our community and eventually be able to return and utilize their services with full access.

Donate to your favorite local organizations and charities.

Our community is being hit the hardest and that means lives are being affected in a big way. By supporting local organizations and charities they can continue to provide the necessary supplies and services needed to stay open.

Research micro-loan websites to see if they need your help.

A good resource would be, where you can search local businesses in your area that are in need of support financially or socially.

Tip a little extra next time you order takeout or delivery.

This action could help our local restaurants stay open longer while not being able to serve the general public on a normal basis.

Instead of shopping for clothes online get your threads locally.

Consider searching for options nearby to continue aiding our businesses that thrive upon foot traffic. Many local clothing and shoe stores will help you pick out an outfit or footwear over the phone.

Pay ahead of time for services you normally receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Have a haircut planned within the coming months, or housekeepers scheduled out for a later date? Consider paying them ahead of time so they can continue to provide their services when the time is right.

Give a review.

Amplify your feedback for businesses through Google, Facebook, Yelp, or wherever there is an online community of folks reviewing local businesses. By leaving feedback, individuals within your community will feel a sense of comfort when searching for local services they can trust based upon your experiences. Added bonus: leaving positive reviews can give companies a boost in search engine results!

Take advantage of online discounts while they exist.

In order for small businesses to continue staying open many are offering a higher volume of sales items to choose from while supplies last. Take advantage of these opportunities while they exist.

We hope these methods will help fuel you to support local businesses during the pandemic.

Stay healthy and safe.

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