Family Friendly Things To Do During The Pandemic

As we are approaching the two month mark of staying at home, there comes a time when boredom hits, and the longing for the activities with family and friends finally sets in.

PogoZone recognizes that activities that once brought families and friends together outside of the house have been put on hold for now, and we must think of alternative solutions to occupy our free time.

What can we do to have fun while being stuck at home during the pandemic?

Video Chats

Create a sense of closeness with family and friends by scheduling daily/weekly video chats. By having these online calls, you could eat virtual meals together, play board games, or see and hear how everyone close to you is holding up.

Get Dirty

From beginner to master gardeners, this is the perfect time to take advantage of growing fruit, vegetables, and/or flowers from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have a yard, consider potted plants on a deck, back patio, kitchen windowsill, or anywhere that allows for proper drainage so your plants can grow to be strong and healthy.

Make Someone’s Day

Write letters to residents living in senior assisted facilities who are unable to participate in family activities. By writing these letters, you can create a sense of connection with those who are disconnected from the outside world.

It’s Time For An Adventure

Scavenger hunt outside for what’s blooming this spring around your yard. This activity can bring the whole family together by creating a fun and interactive game for everyone to be a part of.

Who’s Got An Idea?

Create an idea box for kids to write down fun activities on a piece paper, and randomly select an idea when fun is needed. Some suggestions of ours would be “charades,” “hide and seek,” and “name everything that starts with the letter “A.”

It’s Fort Night

Build a fort out of blankets and pillows for a cozy movie marathon, or family sleepover.

Dinner Lottery

This suggestion came to us via one of our very creative customers. Each child family member writes down a couple of their favorite dinner entrees, appetizers, and side dishes on separate pieces of paper. Put the entrees into one bucket, side dishes into another, and appetizers in a 3rd bucket. Whenever some excitement is needed, select a piece of a paper from each bucket to come up with the dinner menu.

Chances are everyone will be happy and you might come up with some creative menu combinations.

Be safe and smart while participating in these activities

No matter what the activity may be, it’s important to practice good hygiene and for the in person things to do, only involve family/friends who you live with.

Stay healthy and stay safe, from all of us at PogoZone!

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