6 Essential Fall Tasks

It’s no secret, we’re in the thick of Fall. Golden leaves blanket the ground, the wind has returned to say a hearty hello, and everything is either pumpkin flavored or apple spiced. Here in the Pacific Northwest our Fall season is spectacular, but with all the beauty comes the ever-dreaded mandatory tasks.

6 Essential Fall Tasks

Fall Leaf Clean Up

Clean Up Those Leaves

Keeping our storm drains clear is an important part of owning and maintaining a home. When storm drains clog, water can’t flow to its intended destination causing damaging floods. Unless you want to deal with a waterlogged basement or soggy 1st floor (and if you’re concerned for your neighbor’s homes as well) then get those leaves moved by way of a gas or electric powered leaf blower. Bag those leaves up and take them to a green recycling center or put them in your yard waste bin. (After jumping in the piles, of course. We wouldn’t want to deprive you of the fun part of this task.)

Tree Feller

Down Those Trees

Ideally you’ll have any trees that need to come down taken care of in the summer months while the winds are down and the weather cooperative. However, there’s no time like the present to get those diseased or house-threatening trees down. But leave this task to licensed and bonded professionals who know the intricacies of tree felling.

Outdoor Faucet

Cover Exterior Faucets

Before you know it the temperatures outside will be below freezing. Since the rain is prevalent during this time of the year, you’re probably not going to need an outside water source any time soon. Head to the hardware store and get some faucet bibs to keep your faucets nice and snuggly during the chilly months to prevent them from cracking or freezing your pipes.

house pipes

Wrap Those Pipes

There’s nothing worse than discovering your pipes have burst during the holidays when Great Aunt Becky is already complaining that the thermostat currently set at 75 degrees is too cold. You have enough on your plate at that point. Wrapping your pipes in insulation or blankets will help protect them from bursting during freezing temperatures.

house vents

Close Crawl Space Vents

Along with keeping Great Aunt Becky warm, you need to keep your crawl space toasty as well. In the winter months when the air is dryer, close (or plug) your crawl space vents to keep your foundation comfortable and your pipes cozy or else you’ll run the risk of pipes bursting.

lawn mower

Winterize Your Tools

Take this time to properly winterize and store your power tools that won’t see the light of day until the bumblebees start buzzing in the Spring. Here’s how to winterize your tools. And don’t forget to winterize your favorite toys too, like your boats and jet skis!

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