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If you’ve traveled as far north as Northwest Washington will allow, you’ve most likely crossed through the Land Without Trees, also known as Sumas, Washington. A small border town (which used to be confused with Canada’s town of Sumas that is just on the other side of the border until its amalgamation), has had a few claims to fame over its 130 years of incorporation. The famous Mt. Baker Gold Rush was set off by a tight knit group of  Sumas residents including Jack Post, Russ Lambert, and Lyman Van Valkenburg. Sumas is also known for being home to the Sumas Roundup, a well known rodeo that attracted tens of thousands of people. This was a huge contrast to the ~854 people who lived there year round. 

Currently, Sumas has kept up its exciting reputation with a wide variety of fun things to do. Residents and visitors can head over to community events such as Sumas Days, a car show that includes a parade, games, a fireworks show and more, or occasionally its own Sumas Bull-O-Rama where you can see real live bull riding, barrel racing, mutton busting, and more. Sumas has its own Go Kart racing facility called SIMA. Great for a day with the kids, or even better for an afternoon with your buddies, this track is perfect for a weekend of fun. You can even try your hand at some laid back competition. If you’ve worked up an appetite after all this fun, you’re actually in the right place. Sumas has no shortage of delicious restaurants. With an impressive average restaurant review score of 4.3 stars, it’s safe to assume that this small town has some seriously tasty food to offer. If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, Sumas is absolutely beautiful and in a great spot to access nature. Its convenient location makes it easy to hop on a highway and head east to Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest or just north to Canada has dozens of breathtaking locations to explore. 

With everything that Sumas has to offer, it can be easy to forget that it’s a rural town. While that could bring up difficulties when receiving reliable internet or phone services, thankfully this isn’t true for Sumas. PogoZone has made it a priority to make sure towns like Sumas are not neglected when it comes to high-speed internet, phone service, or on demand TV. If you’ve had to switch to a remote set up, feeling confident that you won’t lose quality when it comes to your internet connection is crucial. If you’re looking to relocate to this awesome town, it can be equally as important to feel assured that working your remote job is an option that will always be available thanks to a reliable connection. 

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PogoZone feels a connection to towns like Sumas. That is why we try to be involved in helping out the community as much as we can. We’ve worked with the Sumas Youth Center to keep Sumas kids connected to their schoolwork. If you live in the Sumas area and know of a way we can continue to support your community, feel free to reach out! We work hard to provide real people to talk to, not just some automated robot to answer. 

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