High Tech Gardening Tools To Keep Your Garden Thriving

As we are in the age of technology and rely heavily on our devices and/or machines to get the job done, we find ourselves in search of the next best thing. Have you ever considered the next best thing to help take over gardening responsibilities? We’ve put together a list of the hottest gardening technology on the market that will not only save you time, but will have your garden looking lush and beautiful.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Save your weekends for something more fun. Outsource your mowing!

Robotic lawn mowers help eliminate gas consumption by operating solely off a battery charge. Back issues? Robotic lawn mowers will save your back and help make your lawn the centerpiece of your garden.

Plant Sensors

Never let a houseplant die again! Turn that black thumb green and amaze your visitors.

Let’s face it…sometimes it’s hard to remember to take care of your houseplants. You walk by them everyday in your house, and eventually they become background decorations that can be easily overlooked on chore day. No need to fear, plant sensors are here! With built-in bluetooth capabilities, plant sensors can detect when sunlight, temperature, fertilizer, and more are putting your plants at risk. When an issue is detected, plant sensors will alert your smartphone that your ol’ pal Mr. Ficus needs attention.

Garden Camera

What really is happening to your garden when you’re not looking?

What’s eating your roses? What animal relieved themselves on your shrubs? What walked through the raised beds? These questions and more can be answered using a garden camera. Garden cameras — or trail cams — have many settings allowing you to monitor your garden day or night and receive alerts if there’s something in your garden that you would prefer to move along.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Tired of having to constantly turn the sprinkler system(s) on and off manually? Yeah, we don’t blame you.

A smart sprinkler controller makes it easier for you to control when sprinklers are running. Set timers or turn them on/off with the push of a button. It’s never been easier to water your lawn. To boot, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t wasting water (or money) by watering at the wrong times or for too long.


Live in an apartment but want to grow your own food? There’s a solution for you!

Not all of us have the space for a garden, let alone a lawn. That’s where Eco-Pods comes in to save the day. Eco-Pods are designed for indoor gardeners who still want to have the same effect on their plants as if they were being placed into the ground or outdoor pots. This is a great product for anyone wanting to grow fresh herbs without having a vegetable garden or needing to go to the grocery store.

Self Watering Pots

Going on vacation? Mr. Ficus will thrive while you’re gone.

Find yourself forgetting to water plants as frequently as you need to? Or perhaps you have a trip coming up and you’ll be unable to take care of said plants. A self watering pot will keep your plants from going thirsty. All you need to do is fill the easy to use clip-on-attachment with water and the pot will have enough water to keep your plants happy for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Cordless Pole Saw

Until we can figure out how to grow longer arms, this will work as the 2nd best option.

Having trouble reaching those hard to get areas for trimming back hedges and branches? Look no further than the cordless pole saw, designed specifically to reach up to 8 feet high and with no cord in the way.

Garden Owl

Give a hoot, make those critters scoot!

Who knew that fake animals could scare away garden predators? It’s true. Especially if they can turn their head and make a noise. A garden owl is the perfect way to defend off predators to ensure your garden grows healthy and strong.

May your garden be plentiful, lush, and high-tech! Happy gardening!

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