PogoZone Provides Free Internet Services for the Homeless

Being involved in our community is one of our core values. When the opportunity presented itself to get involved with HomesNOW, we didn’t hesitate. HomesNOW is “an all-volunteer, privately funded group of people working to provide shelter for the homeless in Bellingham and Whatcom County”. More recently, HomesNow operates a temporary safe camping site in Bellingham for the local homeless community called Winter Haven. Residents of Winter Haven have access to human necessities such as a safe place to sleep, bathrooms, showers, drinking water, cooking facilities, garbage services, and food provided by the Bellingham Food Bank. Additional services are offered such as job training accessibility, mental health assessments, and counseling for drug/alcohol abuse. To complement these services, keep residents connected, and to help support HomesNOW, we provide internet services free of charge.

Several of our staff stopped by Winter Haven recently to see the project for themselves and talk with some residents. Many expressed how Winter Haven and HomesNOW saved their life.

Check out our visit.


For more information about HomesNOW or to make a donation, please visit their website at HomesNOW.org.

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