What Does the PogoZone Acquisition of OpenAccess Mean for OpenAccess Customers

PogoZone has acquired OpenAccess, creating a larger local internet service provider and expanding coverage of both networks for internet users in Skagit & Whatcom County. As an OpenAccess customer, we know you’ll have many questions as the acquisition proceeds.

We are going to do everything we can to make this transition seamless for you, while providing additional services and features to enhance your experience as an OpenAccess customer. The following are some of the more common questions we’ve been asked during this process.

Why Acquire OpenAccess?

Coverage: When we looked at the coverage and customer maps of both PogoZone and OpenAccess, there was virtually no overlap. This acquisition means that OpenAccess customers will now have access to PogoZone’s business internet and ethernet services, and vice versa.

Support: Combining the two ISPs will allow us to expand our support hours for both PogoZone and OpenAccess customers. Look forward to this happening later this summer!

Will there be any changes to my OpenAccess service?

As an OpenAccess customer, you will see no changes to your existing account or services. You’ll get the same great service you came to expect as an OpenAccess customer. For now, you’ll be able to send bills to the same address as before.

Eventually, OpenAccess and Pogozone’s billing systems will integrate, at which point the address will change. Don’t worry, we will give you plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments.

We do plan on rolling out additional phone coverage, so that OpenAccess customers can have more comprehensive options for their phone service. Additionally, we’ll be upgrading the existing fiber infrastructure to support gigabit speeds. This means you’ll see better service overall, with no major change to your account.

What about OpenAccess’s employees?

All OpenAccess employees will stay on as PogoZone employees. We’re supporting a larger customer base now, and David & Dan’s experience with OpenAccess’s network & customers will be invaluable to us.

Will I have to update my contact info for OpenAccess?

We’ll keep OpenAccess’s phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses as is. We want this to be a seamless for you as possible.

What can I look forward to, as an OpenAccess customer?

We will be expanding PogoZone’s services into OpenAccess’s coverage area, including expanded phone services, business internet and ethernet services, and more.

OpenAccess customers will also have access to backup internet services over the largest privately owned wireless network in Whatcom County. We are also starting to roll out similar services to Skagit County.


We are incredibly excited about what this acquisition means for customers in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. It’s often hard to find alternatives to national cable, DSL, and satellite providers. We are here to be your local internet service provider.

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