PogoZone Acquires OpenAccess, Combining Two Great Local Internet Service Providers

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PogoZone Internet Solutions today announced that it has acquired OpenAccess Network Services. PogoZone provides business class internet, ethernet and Voice over IP phone services, as well as residential internet access and a variety of other internet services throughout Whatcom and Skagit counties. This acquisition creates a larger local internet service provider and expands coverage of both networks.

PogoZone’s business and residential services have grown steadily in recent years as customers have sought local alternatives to the major national ISPs. OpenAccess had a robust customer base in Skagit County as well, making this acquisition a natural fit with significant benefits for customers from Sumas to LaConner, from Bellingham to Mount Vernon and everywhere in between.

“When we looked at the coverage and customer maps of both PogoZone and OpenAccess, there was virtually no overlap. OpenAccess customers will now have access to PogoZone’s business internet and ethernet services, and vice versa.” said JD Sinclair, President of PogoZone. “Combining the two networks will allow us to expand our support and services for both PogoZone and OpenAccess customers.”

PogoZone is a full-service ISP, offering residential and business-class internet access, web hosting, VoIP phone service, networking and datacenter services. The acquisition of OpenAccess gives PogoZone additional network capacity and extends its service area in Skagit county, and adds several multi-tenant buildings in Whatcom County. In addition, PogoZone will now take over the OpenAccess space at the Westin in Seattle, a major Internet hub that allows for advanced and robust peering relationships with major content delivery and streaming providers like Amazon, Google and Netflix.

“Our customers appreciate that we’re a locally-owned company with better service than they get from the national carriers,” said Sinclair. “In an era where the major national ISPs tend to crowd out local service providers, we’ve worked hard to build strong support from our local customers, who know that we’re capable of giving them high-quality service as a local company. We love that our customers see us around town, because we all live and work here too. It’s an honor to serve these great communities in Northwest Washington.”

With this acquisition, OpenAccess business customers will have access to PogoZone’s co-location and hosting facilities as well, and vice versa – PogoZone’s customers will now have access to additional co-location areas.

PogoZone has established networks in many of the larger multi-tenant buildings in Whatcom County, as well as extensive service to the rural areas of Whatcom County, due in part to its status as a reseller of municipal fiber optic networks in Sumas and Mount Vernon. The addition of OpenAccess to the PogoZone network brings additional service from municipal fiber networks in and around the Port of Bellingham, Port of Skagit and City of Mount Vernon.

PogoZone’s goal is to make this acquisition seamless for customers of both companies. “We’re adding and expanding, so all of our customers will have access to the quality they’ve become accustomed to, with additional resources now, to offer more than we ever have,” added Sinclair. “We look forward to what the future holds for PogoZone and how we can continue to provide the high caliber service our customers have come to expect.”

OpenAcess was founded in 1998 in Bellingham by Michael DeMan, and has been owned and operated by DeMan and Anna Ehnmark since 2000.

About PogoZone

PogoZone was founded in 2002 in Bellingham, Washington, to provide high speed internet access for businesses and homes in the area. Using a combination of fiber optic networks and high speed wireless internet, PogoZone has quickly grown to be one of the premier internet service providers in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Since 2008, PogoZone has dramatically expanded service not only to cover more parts of Whatcom County, but to increase the variety of services offered. The company has added wireless internet towers to major points of both Whatcom and Skagit county, while improving its fiber optic network to serve major cities in both counties. For business customers, PogoZone has added in telephone systems, co-location facilities, support for enterprise services, and more.

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