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West Ferndale – Tower site impacted



1/19/2024 @ 6:30 PM PST – Resolved issue by realigning antenna and knocking off ice. Services are back to normal.
1/19/2024 @ 4:30 PM PST – We have a sight in West Ferndale that is currently going up and down due to poor signal on the primary link. We had a tech evaluate the issue already and are going to get a boom truck so we can align it. Given roads conditions we do not expect to be back at the site with a boom truck until around 6:30 to 7 PM PST.

Sumas Mtn Power Outage

In Progress


1/19/2024 @ 8:46 PM PST – We intent to keep this as an open issue until ground power is resolved.
1/19/2024 @ 12:00 PM PST – We transitioned back to power provided by the Tower Owner. We will continue to monitor giving that the Tower site is still on generator. No current ETA on when ground power will be restored to the tower site given the weather conditions.
1/19/2024 @ 11:10 AM PST – We are at the tower site now prepping to transition back to the power being provided by the Tower owner.
1/19/2024 @ 8:15 AM PST – Tower owners fixed their generator @ 4:54 PM on 1/18/2024 and it is still running as of now. We are headed up to the tower site to transition to the tower generator. We will also be swapping tanks for our portable generator as well so we have it ready in case anything happens.
1/17/2024 @ 12:15 PM PST – Fuel tanks swapped. Going back up on Friday to swap tanks again.
1/17/2024 @ 11:54 AM PST – We will be swapping to fuel tanks here shortly which will cause two breath outages.
1/16/2024 @ 4:18 PM PST – Our services just went down on battery as the batteries barely had a chance to charge. Our tech is roughly an hour to top of mountain re-set our portable generator.
1/16/2024 @ 3:50 PM PST – Our monitoring indicated the site generator failed again so we have re-dispatched our tech to go back up the mountain to set our own generator again.
1/16/2024 @ 2:00 PM PST – Tower owners fixed main site generator and we transitioned back to it.
1/16/2024 @ 11:35 AM PST – We targeting sometime between noon and 2 PM PST today for swapping tanks. Will update as we get closer.
1/16/2024 @ 6:23 AM PST – We will be going up to Sumas Mtn today to swap fuel tanks and rotating portable generators. We will be doing this transition somewhere around noon with estimated downtime of 10 minutes. Additionally, the owner’s of the tower are still working on fixing their generator. Hopefully we will hear an update from them on this today.
1/14/2024 @ 2:57 PM PST – We just transitioned to new fuel tank (two 40lb tanks). We are packing up and will be back on-site on Tuesday or when main tower site generator gets fixed – whatever happens first.
1/14/2024 @ 2:43 PM PST – Tower site generator mechanic is unable to fix the tower's site generator. We are transitioning to the additional fuel tanks we brought up for our portable generator in about 15 minutes which will cause a brief outage.
1/14/2024 @ 11:45 AM PST – Service restored on small fuel tank – setting up larger fuel tanks. Tower site generator mechanic onsite.
1/14/2024 @ 7:12 AM PST – Generator is out of fuel. We have a technician already scheduled to go up onsite this morning. Given that this is a remote tower site only accessible via a vehicle with tracks it is hard to bring up fuel but we are brining up a dual propane setup today that will give 3 days of runtime between refueling. Additionally, the tower own is supposed to have the main site generator fixed on Monday or Tuesday at which time we will transition back to that. ETA is around noon.
1/13/2024 @ 3:28 PM PST – It has been a bit of an adventure so far with this weather and lack of power at this site. We have a technician scheduled to go tomorrow to check on the site and add more propane. During this transition the site will go down.
1/12/2024 @ 10:30 PM PST – Site back on generator.
1/12/2024 @ 6:30 PM PST – Our generators are down. We believe they are freezing up due to the extreme cold temperatures. We have created some boxes to help with temperatures. ETA to mountain top is 3 hours.
1/12/2024 @ 2:30 PM PST – Our first generator stopped and we have replaced it with another generator that the site is now running on. No ground power here still at this point.
1/12/2024 @ 11:43 AM PST – We are 90 minutes from the top of the mountain – weather definitely is making everything difficult today (aka making everything slow from a travel prespective).
1/12/2024 @ 9:03 AM PST – Power is back down so our generator must be stopped. We are dispatching a tech.
1/11/2024 @ 8:59 PM PST – We have the site running on generator however two access points are still currently down due to failure. We will be working to get those replaced tomorrow.
1/11/2024 @ 7:18 PM PST – Confirmed the tech is onsite now.
1/11/2024 @ 6:53 PM PST – Our tech has still not arrived at the tower site. No ETA on arrival now due to conditions. We may dispatch a second tech here shortly.
1/11/2024 @ 4:50 PM PST – Our tech is still in route. Estimated to be at top of Sumas Mountain by 6:00 PM PST.
1/11/2024 @ 3:50 PM PST – We have a major tower out of power and have dispatched a technician to investigate. ETA to tower site is 90 minutes.

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