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Is there anything better than going to an event or restaurant where there’s live music from a band with some serious musical chops and an energy that makes it impossible for your face to frown?

We think not.

Now, we might be a tad biased about the following bands because we happen to know – quite well – one of the members of each band (more on that later). But, we promise you, you’re in for a good time when you see them live.

The Penny Stinkers

  • Local to Bellingham
  • Famous for “Rock and Roll Dance Shows”.
  • Composed of Jeffrey Slough, JD Sinclair, and Michael A. Handron Jr.
  • The Penny Stinkers offer their own original music with an eclectic mix of Americana and Folk rock with a healthy mix of the unexpected. They’ll also play traditional Folk, Indie, Cow Punk, Alt Country, and even some jazzier things when the mood hits them.

CraigO’s Planet Groove

  • Local to Bellingham
  • Famous for inspiring even the shyest of individuals to cut a rug. “We’ll bring our groove so that you can groove.”
  • Composed of Craig Ostom, JD Sinclair, Rick Haykin, and Jackson Olson.
  • The concept of CraigO’s Planet Groove is a blend of Grateful Dead-centric tunes, New Orleans Funk, and originals.
  • Featuring; guitar, bass, keys, trumpet, saxophone, and 2 drummers.

As you may have already noticed, JD Sinclair is a member of each band. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting JD, he is the President of PogoZone and our resident musical virtuoso.

At PogoZone, we are committed to the communities that support us. In an effort to support local music (and our fellow co-worker), PogoZone supplies a van to The Penny Stinkers and CraigO’s Planet Groove to transport their gear to and from gigs. And this van is a real beaut, if we do say so ourselves. So if you see her parked at an event, restaurant, party, or fairgrounds follow the sounds and dance your way to a good time.

Upcoming Event: Skagit Bigfoot Fest 2022 featuring The Penny Stinkers.

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