Tech Gadgets For Your Pets

Technology has continually made our lives easier and more convenient. Our pets, on the other hand, are anything but. We love them dearly and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but any mention of help with these fuzzy creatures and we’re all over it! Thankfully, technology and all its gadgets have stepped in to lend a helping hand. Check out these awesome solutions to everyday pet problems.

pet collarGPS Collars for dogs (and some cats!)

Brands like Fi and Whistle have come out with a GPS tracker for your pet’s collar. Great for dogs who like to roam and/or chase the ice cream truck. It is good for some cats too, however, the tracker can only be made so small which tends to take over a cat’s neck pretty quick. If you have a pet that tends to bolt or generally get into trouble, this device will give you some relief. Using an app on your smartphone, you can track your pet’s location to see if they’re okay, or where to retrieve them.

dog in front of doorElectronic Smart Door

Pet doors are an easy way for your animal to come and go as they please. The downside is the giant unsecured hole in your door. A smart door is an electronic pet door that opens only when an assigned microchip comes within a specific distance of it. You can use the microchip that is already implanted in your pet, or you can use a collar key instead. Keep wild animals and random pets out of your house while ensuring your pet always has a way in.

dog bowlAutomatic Feeders

Petsitters are expensive and it feels intrusive to ask a friend or family member to visit your house while you’re gone for just one night. Our critters can cause a disturbance when they’re famished or occasionally you won’t be home in time for dinner. Automatic feeders are programmable containers that dump out a specific portion of food for your pet. You can set it for a regular schedule or just the occasional circumstance. Most feeders utilize your smartphone to easily set the desired timing or you can manually choose to feed your pets.

dog cameraPet Cameras (with or without treat dispensers)

Keep an eye on your furry companion even when you’re not home. You can set up a pet camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Some cameras have ways to discipline or reward your little friend. You can use the speaker option to quickly communicate with your pet or the treat dispenser to praise them.

pet toysPet Toys

Some breeds are like little energizer bunnies. It seems like no matter how much stimulation you give them, they could always use just a little bit more. While it would be nice to think you could always give them the attention they crave, in reality we have things to do. Instead of depriving your critter of play, try picking up one of the many smart toys that are available now. Toys like the iFetch, which is designed to shoot balls across the room for your dog to retrieve and drop back into the device. If they don’t quite have that down, don’t worry. It comes with more than a few balls that can be shot out before needing to be refilled. For cats, try a few options from SmartyKat. They make several battery powered toys for your feline to enjoy, independently.

automatic litter boxAutomatic Litter Box Cleaner

The dreaded litter box issue. Even the biggest cat enthusiast will purse their lips at the mention of this chore. It’s stinky, dirty, and messy. Thankfully, there is an option that involves skipping pooper scooper duty. The Litter-Robot is an automatic and electronic litter box cleaner that filters out cat waste and leaves behind fresh litter for your feline friend to enjoy. It’s clean, contained and discrete. Want more good news? It is so clean that you don’t have to worry about purchasing one for every cat in a multi-cat household. Most cats will share this box since it will be so immaculate.

robotic vacuum

Robotic Vacuum

Speaking of litter boxes, we better mention the annoying amount of gravel that can get tracked through the house. While a robotic vacuum isn’t a pet specific gadget, it is definitely worth mentioning. It is an absolute game changer for cleaning up rogue litter, pet hair, and other pet related debris. While there are many brands to choose from when it comes to robotic vacuums, we recommend going with a pet specific model. They tend to be more durable and accustomed to the wear and tear that pet hair can cause.

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