Tech Gadgets to Improve Your Bike Ride

Spring has finally sprung. After a long winter, it feels good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. This year, there is a record number of bike riders hitting the road, or mountains. It’s a great way to get moving with minimal impact to your body, and take in a wonderful view. More than that, they’re just plain fun.

For all you cycle enthusiasts out there, we’ve come up with a list of awesome tech gadgets that are sure to improve your bike ride.

Bike MapGarmin 1030

This cycling computer is the holy grail of GPS route planners and devices. You can plan your own routes, or use one created by other users. The sleek design is perfect for mounting right onto your handlebars to keep you on track. Whether you are commuting, adventuring, or training for competition, this device can help keep you on pace and ready for anything coming your way. Pair it with your phone to see messages and phone calls, or set it up to auto reply to contacts that you’re on a bike ride and will get back to them. Thousands of riders use Garmin, and you can connect with all of them through the community features. This little device really packs a punch when it comes to upgrading your ride.

Dynamo HubsOutlet Plug

Recently, it is pretty common to have rechargeable USB bike lights. Which is awesome, until you’re halfway home and you realize you haven’t charged your lights in a while and now you’re riding in the dark. Whoops. There is also the scenario where you are riding across a state line or two and just don’t have the capability of plugging in your lights, or devices, for an extended period of time. That is where dynamo hubs are pretty handy. Made by a few brands like Shimano, Shutter Precision, or Schmidt, this type of hub has an internal generator that produces a small amount of electricity as your bike wheel rotates. Basically the more you ride, the more you are able to charge whatever small item you need. It’s definitely not enough output to charge your laptop, but lights and small devices are a breeze. So mush! Mush!

Bike TireTyrewiz

Made by Sram, this little gadget is nifty. When it comes to performance, tire pressure is everything. Whether you are setting your PSI for the perfect amount of roll, or the perfect amount of traction, let the Tyrewiz take the worry and guesswork out of it. Install the device onto your current valve and use your smartphone to set your preferred PSI. If your tire pressure dips below, or above it, it will blink red. As long as the green light is on, you are right where you want to be. Less fuss, more time for riding!

ShockwizBike Analytics

Speaking of the wiz family, it wouldn’t be right not to mention the Shockwiz as well. If you have a bike with any sort of air suspension, this gadget is an absolute must. It’s purpose is to dial in your suspension specifically to your needs. Paired with the Shockwiz app, this gadget reports back with all of your riding data via bluetooth. It compiles all of your detailed stats and tells you how to adjust your suspension to perform better for you. More than just recommended PSI and SAG, it also suggests adding or removing volume spacers and adjusting your high speed and low speed compression as well as rebound. If that all sounds like a foreign language, then think of the Shockwiz as a personal translator!

Bike HelmetSpecialized’s ANGi

ANGi is a helmet-mounted sensor that measures the forces transmitted to your helmet during a crash, as well as the harmful rotational forces that occur during crashes when your helmet doesn’t actually impact the ground. You can buy a Specialized helmet that already has the ANGi system in it, or it works with almost any cycling helmet with the ANGi adaptor. ANGI is also a ride tracker. It can let your emergency contacts know that you are out on a ride and if you haven’t returned in the amount of time you should have. If you’re hurt, ANGi also works as a safety beacon. It sends an alert out to your emergency contacts letting them know you need help and where your location is so they can find you or alert the proper responders. Put your mind, or your loved one’s mind, at ease with this ingenious safety device.

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