What happens when small businesses choose the wrong internet provider?

A sale can slip through your fingers quicker than most would expect. As a small business, you are still trying to establish trust and a connection with your customers. Fumbling with checking inventory, processing a credit card, or even pushing a transaction can be all the time it takes to lose a sale. If it happens more than once, it can break the success of your business and cost you time and frustration. Suddenly it becomes painfully obvious how important your internet connection is to you and your business.

Giant internet providers can promise you high speeds, but what happens something goes wrong? With a million things to do, can you really justify spending hours and hours on the phone to get the support you need? At PogoZone, we are committed to giving you fast and reliable connection. Part of reliability is being here when you need us. Long wait times and being transferred to multiple departments can be daunting and unrealistic for someone running a business. Unlike big providers, we hire local support staff. We keep our staff informed and knowledgeable so we can answer your questions the first time.

Multi-tasking? Of course you are. Being on hold or waiting for an answer from someone can be difficult to juggle with everyday life. PogoZone offers several different ways to get the answers you need. Our online chat is great for those in a retail or restaurant setting. Being on the phone isn’t a great look if you’re face to face with customers. However, our chat is a discreet way to handle any inquiries you have. Only have a minute, but you’ll have more time later? Send us an email or fill out our inquiry form to get things started, get an answer, and get back to us when you can. We know that everyone’s work situation is a little different so we give you options to choose from.

At PogoZone we truly care about our customers and the relationship we form with them. Giant internet providers can treat you like just another number in their system. We pride ourselves in being for locals by locals in Whatcom and Skagit counties. In choosing a local provider, you are doing your part in keeping dollars in your community.

As our neighbors, your trust in us is important. That’s why you can expect to never be blindsided with fees or charges. We get that when you’re running a business, every dollar counts. Surprises in your billing can be shocking and frustrating. Overages and unexpected fees can cause stress and anxiety. At PogoZone, we make it a priority to be upfront with costs and communicate clearly about any financial changes in your service.

While big corporate internet providers make it tempting to sign up, the wrong internet service can cost small businesses precious time and money. Keep things simple and put your mind at ease with PogoZone. We will always make you and your business a priority. Whether it’s dependable service or excellent customer relations, we’ll be here for you.

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