How to prep your home for home learning

Back to school time used to describe a busy couple of weeks in August where families would make the rounds to get their children prepped and ready for school to start. However, since the COVID crisis, it all looks a bit different. Fresh haircuts and new shoes no longer dominate the top of the shopping list. Instead, families will be facing a new challenge in how to be prepared for online school at home.

The good news is, when it comes to your internet, you can rest assured that Pogozone has got you covered when it comes to a great connection. Leave it to us to give your kids fast, reliable access to their school work.

So what can you do to make the most ideal learning environment for your kids? Here are a few ways to keep the learning environment happy, healthy, and productive:


Choose a location free from distractions. If possible, avoid being in close proximity to television, video games, and high traffic areas. In smaller areas, divert from visual stimulations by rearranging furniture or using curtains as room dividers. Make sure the space is free from clutter, as that can lead to scattered thought processes and less successful learning.


Find a table or desk that is a suitable height for your child. Teenagers may benefit from a standing desk while very young children would be better suited with a coffee table. Some children do better on the floor. It helps them to concentrate if they are stretched out. It may seem chaotic but if it helps them stay focused, let them. It’s a good idea to have them pack away their books and supplies into a designated container when the day is over. Having them keep this space clean and organized will help establish routine, clarity, and respect for their workspace.


Create a schedule that you can stick to. Starting at the same time every day can create a routine similar to the one they would get in school. Take lots of short breaks and include play time in your itinerary. Play time for young children is crucial to their development. For teenagers, breaks are important to keep them engaged and avoid burnout. Establish due dates and deadlines for every assignment. This keeps students focused and creates dependable structure.


This one may take some time to figure out, but knowing how much interaction to give your child is important to what kind of learner they are. Some kids prefer side-by-side help, while others do much better when left to their own devices. It’s important to monitor them so they stay on task but if they seem to be doing well independently don’t crowd them. Micromanaging can be counterproductive. Some students prefer learning and studying with others. If that’s the case, consider reaching out to other parents and setting up Google Meet or Zoom meetings for a few of their peers to get together virtually.

Becoming a successful home school for your children takes time. You definitely won’t get it perfect right away. Remember that this is an adjustment for everyone and will take some trial and error before you both feel like you’re in a groove. Be kind to yourself through this process and give your kids some extra wiggle room.

These are still difficult times. If you and your family have been affected by the pandemic and are experiencing financial difficulties, we are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do to help. We also encourage you to read our Note To Customers In Need to answer any questions about what is possible at the moment.

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