6 Online Tools to Keep You Organized

With so many distractions nowadays, it’s difficult to keep ourselves organized and on task. Luckily, there are plenty of apps for that. Here are a few of our own favorite online tools to keep you and your goals, meetings, and other projects in check.

Google Calendar

Beyond its obvious function as a calendar, Google Calendar makes a handy agenda that can store due dates, to-do lists, and other useful day-to-day reminders. For instance, you can use it as a way to schedule chore reminders and grocery lists along with address information so Google Maps can direct you right to where you need to go (and to get a glance at current traffic conditions). Plus, you can sync Calendar to your phone so you have your agenda on you wherever you go.

Google Drive

Google’s answer to Dropbox comes in the form of Drive. If you don’t have the Microsoft Office suite, Drive is an excellent substitute that lets you write documents, create spreadsheets, and make survey forms as well as other files you can slot in as extensions to the Google Chrome browser. Just like Calendar, you can sync it to your phone so you can take your files anywhere and share them with anyone, whether directly to their Google account or a retrieval link.

Microsoft OneNote

If you like the idea of sticky notes and notebooks but want something a little less cumbersome, OneNote is a great way to store tons of information. Great for notetaking in class or meetings or just storing to-do lists, goals, project plans, screenshots, and other data, OneNote is a robust information tool that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. If you don’t have Microsoft Office or prefer other options, Google Keep and Evernote are great alternatives with similar layouts and functionality.


Making collections of recipes, DIY projects, and style inspiration has never been easier with Pinterest. After making an account, you can curate feeds and posts into collections based on your interests. Other social websites such as Facebook also let you save posts that you can later organize into folders for easy reference and sharing.


For those who prefer visual ways to explore data, Bubbl.us is a useful mindmapping app that’s perfect for project and goal planning, wireframing, and other work or personal tasks. Bubbl.us is completely web-based and lets you create mind maps on the fly, save them as JPEGs to download, or set up presentations for work or client meetings.


On the topic of work, Trello is another useful tool that lets you keep track of project and goal timelines, whether on your own or with collaborators. Utilizing the Kanban method, you can create different tasks at different stages of the project life cycle, like “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done.” Collaborators can then add tags, documents, milestones, and deadlines to each task, making it easy to find problems in the pipeline and keep relevant information within reach.

No matter if it’s for work or play, long- or short-term, these apps will help you keep yourself organized like never before.

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