5 Reasons You Should Choose a Local Internet Service Provider

We’ve compiled some of the most important considerations to make when deciding between PogoZone services and those of nationally owned ISPs.

You Invest in Local Businesses

As a person who is concerned about supporting local retail businesses, you spend your money where you work and live. However, don’t forget that purchasing retail goods is just half of the equation — hiring local service companies, such as PogoZone, is just as important and impactful.
By choosing a local company, you are choosing to circulate/re-circulate your money back into the community in which you live, which strengthens our area’s economic backbone.

You Want Better Customer Service

When you need our help, we’re there for you. You’re never a number to us. You’re our neighbor standing in line with us at Haggen, or the parent watching your children playing sports with ours at Bender Fields. Know that we see you, we recognize you, we appreciate each and every one you, and want you to have the best possible experience using our services.

You Need Your Service Up and Running Quickly

With an ever-expanding local footprint, we have the connections, relationships, and local knowledge other nationally owned companies simply do not have. By leveraging our knowledge and these connections and relationships, we can get your services up and running within days, not the weeks or months our national competition provides. Even if you’re in a hard-to-reach area we can get you connected.

You Care About Environmental Impact

Our environmental impact is less than most nationally owned internet service providers. Our employees don’t have long commutes. Should you need on-site assistance, we dispatch local technicians from INSIDE our service area. Less driving = less pollution + less impact on infrastructure + less congestion.

You Don’t Want to Pay for Overhead

As a local company, we don’t have the overhead that nationally owned companies do. Without paying for layers of corporate and regional management, we’re able to offer more competitive pricing to businesses and residents for high speed internet, VoIP phone services, and more. It’s simple — lower costs = lower prices.

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