Local Internet Service Provider PogoZone Acquires Mt Baker Cable

We’re happy to announce the acquisition of Mt. Baker Cable — a local company offering cable TV and internet services to residents and businesses of Lummi and Orcas Island. The official acquisition is effective as of June 1, 2017. See Bellingham Herald article: Bellingham company acquires Mt. Baker Cable, will expand reach.

With this acquisition, we are dedicated to making the transition for Mt. Baker Cable customers seamless. We have received a number of questions in anticipation and are happy to provide some additional insight.

What changes can MBC customer expect?
We have no plans to make any changes to the current systems except to expand our coverage area. There are several locations on both Lummi and Orcas Islands that we look forward to expanding our service into. To see if we cover your area, please contact us.

Why MBC? Why now?
We have been delivering bulk internet service to MBC for years. MBC redistributed our data through their networks on both Lummi and Orcas Islands. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with MBC over the years, and jumped at the opportunity to be a larger part of this great company — it felt like a natural fit for us.

What about billing and payments?
Currently some customers receive an electronic invoice while others receive a mailed copy — we are in the process of moving everyone to electronic invoicing. By year end, all of our customers will be integrated into our online customer portal. Our website will be updated to include information about Lummi and Orcas Islands.

Please mail payments to:
P.O. Box 974
Lynden, WA 98264

What other services can you provide?
We currently offer Internet, Voice services (VoIP), IPFax, Wifi, Email and Web hosting, Co-location services in 5 data centers, and Gigabit services to commercial and apartment buildings. Please see our Residential Internet  or Business Internet services for more detailed information.

What support do you offer?
Exceptional customer service and support with help of Prosyn specialists is always top-of-mind for us. We are strategic about growing at a manageable pace in order to retain our high standard of support. Not all companies delivering our class of services survive, because they have to compete with multi-million dollar national or large regional competitors. We have to be different and do everything right so our customers see an added value to using our services. Our customers develop good working relationships with our support staff and know they’ll be treated well by familiar voices.

But what about John?
MBC customers have grown a fondness for John, and we recognize that. John, who has been supporting Lummi and Orcas Islands for years, will continue to provide the same exceptional service through PogoZone. Same John, same great service — but now with the PogoZone logo on his truck. Additionally, we are adding one of our current employees with cable experience to help support our MBC customers.

What else should MBC customers know?
We are not afraid to venture into new areas of technology. Which is exactly how we got to where we are today. Technology is constantly on the move and we are no stranger to it. Becoming a cable utility is just another step for us — we’re ready and excited for the challenge. We’ll be rolling out residential telephone service to the islands within the next 6 months as we complete the burn-in phase of our new soft switches.

The team at PogoZone is looking forward to getting to know our new customers on Lummi and Orcas Islands. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments PogoZone is here for you.
Phone: 360.676.8772
Sales: sales@pogozone.com

Support: support@pogozone.com
Live Chat Support:pogozone.com/support

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