Clearwire is Canceling Service November 6th – What To Do

If you’re a Clearwire customer in Skagit or Whatcom County, you’ve most likely received an ominous email in the past few months, notifying you that they’re no longer providing wireless internet service. They’re canceling the service November 6, and that’s that. No info on transitioning to a different plan, no options for new users.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the letters:
clearwire shutdown notice

Multiple sites have reported that Sprint won’t be offering transition plans or special offers to encourage Clearwire customers to move to one of their services. So here are some reasons to give PogoZone a try as a solid Clearwire alternative.


PogoZone’s wireless network is built on a great foundation of wireless and fiber optic communication. Our standard residential plans offer speeds up to 15 megabit, far faster than most Clearwire plans. For higher speed needs, give us a call and see how we can help.


Our plans start at $34.95 per month, and are pay as you go. We want you to feel comfortable paying for the service you need, when you need it. Maybe you’re renting a place for college and aren’t in town for summer, we can work our service around your needs.


With a connection through PogoZone, you get to use it however you want. We aren’t going to shut off your service after you hit an arbitrary data threshold, slow your speeds, or threaten to charge you overages.


We started in Bellingham, and our office is even downtown. Our coverage extends through most of Whatcom & Skagit counties. You might be neighbors with our employees, or we may have let you cut in line at Haggen. We love this community and want to provide the best internet experience for everyone here.

Why wait

The last thing you want is to sign on with an internet provider that will leave you in the lurch at a moment’s notice. Sign up with PogoZone today. We’re here for good.

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